What Are The Unseen Things That Are Driving Your Customers Away – Mystery Shopping

Do you know what the little “unseen” things are that may be driving customers out of your store? Sometimes we don’t see the little things,especially when you look at them every day, they become unseen to us. A mystery shopper can help you see them all over again.

Unseen Things

So what are some of those unseen things? Well, to start out with, the condition of your store. Customers notice things like stains on What Are The Unseen Things That Are Driving Your Customers Away - Mystery Shoppingthe floor or carpeting. They notice paint that may be faded in places, or dings in the walls. Make sure to paint and remove stains and dings!Customers notice funny smells. You may be used to them, but they aren’t and smells alone are enough to have customers walking right back out the door. It may be as simple as a good heavy cleaning that can be done. Maybe it’s new carpeting or paint. Just remember that you are so used to seeing all the defects that you don’t see them anymore. Your mystery shopper will.

Next, do you have a bathroom that customers can use? If so, how clean is it? Is it stocked and kept spotless or is it a dingy closet that would scare people to use? Keep it clean, well lit and well stocked! Or don’t let customers use it. Having a nice clean bathroom for you customers can be a plus!

Condition of Products

How is the condition of the things you sell? How well stocked are your shelves? Are they regularly checked and restocked, or are there obvious holes? If it appears you have nothing to sell, there is nothing to make customers come in and stay to shop. Shelves should be dust free too! Making your store inviting also means letting customers know you have plenty for them to see and purchase.

Mystery Shopping and Your Salespeople

Last, salespeople. Are they rude or helpful? Rude sales people will kill a business faster than any other issue. A mystery shopper is trained to look for all these things, as well as be a challenge to see if your salespeople can handle even the crankiest customers with confidence and skill.

Use mystery shopping as a tool to keep your store and employees in good shape for sales.

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