What is the Best App for Your Retail Business?

What is the best app for your retail business? If you own a retail business, searching through lists and lists of apps to find the best ones for your business is time consuming and frustrating. So, here is a list of some of the best apps for your business.

iPhone / iPad Apps:

Cash Register (MyAppIdea) This app not only checks out your customers but also tracks your inventory. It’s simple to use and allows you to email receipts to customers. Reports can be exported into Excel and it can support multiple businesses. It costs $1.99.

What is the Best App for Your Retail Business?LightSpeed Mobile – If you use the LightSpeed Point of Sale system for Mac this is the mobile extension and costs $4.99. It connects with LightSpeed database to act as a mobile checkout and also works with Linea Pro hardware to scan barcodes and swipe credit cards. This app can also support multiple businesses.

Ring it Up – This app is more expensive at $29.99, but is a point-of-sale application that interfaces with many popular credit card applications as well as the RedLaser barcode app. You can send receipts to customers, import/export .CSV files, and backup/restore data and it supports multiple businesses.

Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal – This free app works on both iPhone and Android and is an app for credit card/debit card processing. The app is free but there are charges for processing. There is the option for both swipe and keypad data entry, and offers support for a couple different card readers.

Square – This is another free app that works for iPhone, iPad, and Android for processing credit card/debit card purchases. Square the app is free, but there are charges for processing cards. Requires no monthly fees or contract and provides free Square credit card reader by mail after sign-up.

Android Apps:

Point of sale (POS) – This free app is a point of sale app that manages inventory, completes transactions and returns.

Inventory Droid – This app is $4.99 and also has a free PC extension. It manages inventory, has a barcode scanner and provides back and restore for your data.

Credit Card Machine – Another free app that allows you to swipe credit cards and print receipts. Process all major credit cards and gives you a transaction log with history details, plus it has an option for screen signatures. Requires Paynet Systems Merchant Account.

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