What is the Best Time to Get Testimonials in the Sales Process?

Part of the sales process should be asking for testimonials. We all know that testimonials are a huge boon to your business. Customers pay more attention when someone else has good things to say about your business than when you say good things about it. The problem is you haven’t been getting any. People haven’t just What is the Best Time to Get Testimonials in the Sales Process?offered to give you a testimonial, but you don’t feel ok about asking. You know you have to ask, so when is the best time to be asking for those testimonials during the sales process?

Asking customers for testimonials can be uncomfortable, so many people put it off until it never happens. Hoping they fall into your lap won’t get them there, planning the asking into your process will. Asking is scary, but really, what’s the worst that can happen? They say no? Really, that’s it. So when are good times to ask? Well, once you’ve solved their problem. When they tell you how happy they are with your product or service. When you deliver on your promises. When they thank you. If you think about it those are the most natural times to ask. Always deliver on your promises, pay more attention to our customer’s needs and you will have more testimonials!

But if it’s still uncomfortable, try this instead. Provide every customer with a survey at the end of the project or transaction. Send it in an email or put it in with their receipt. Offer a fun extra for completing it. Use questions such as “How did you benefit from using our company?”, “Describe why you feel that working with us was successful” or “If a friend was on the fence about whether to work with us, what would you say to them?” Don’t forget to leave a space to let them actually write out comments and there you have your testimonial!

Don’t hope a testimonial happens, make sure it does. Get over being uncomfortable and ask.

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