Why Use Mystery Shopping? Is Your Store Layout Helping The Customer Experience?

Would you know if your store layout is effective? Does it help or hinder your customer’s experience? One way to find out is to use mystery shopping.

Why Use Mystery Shopping? Is Your Store Layout Helping The Customer Experience?Is your store layout helping the customer experience? There are many things that do. One is how well your employees interact with customers, but that’s only part of the equation. Your store layout is really important as well. Is your store layout designed to encourage people to purchase more? Do you have eye-catching displays in the front to make them slow down? Does it lead them to where your best products are? Have you created breaks in the aisles to get people’s attention?

Mystery shopping can advise how these elements help the customer experience. If a typical customer walks into your store, is your store layout set up to encourage people to go right to what they need, or does it lead them through the store past items that will complement what they need, boosting your sales? One way to do that is to make displays that will slow them down in their trek through the store. Another is to create breaks in the aisles that slow them down. Did you know that 20 percent of a store’s merchandise is skipped over because people are moving too fast down long aisles?

All of these are items that are incredibly important to bolstering your bottom line. If a customer comes in, goes right to what they want without stopping to get other items and then leaves that is not the customer experience that you would like. A customer that comes in, is lead to accessory items, slowed down in the aisles and then gets what they need along with other items is the customer experience you want them to have. The problem is you are so familiar with your store layout that you may not see any issues. Mystery shopping will give you feedback that allows you to see where improvements can be made. Definitely worth the time and expense!

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