Why Use Mystery Shopping? Rate Your Customer Service Against Your Competition

You know that mystery shopping is a great way to improve customer service in your own business, but did you know that it’s also a great way to rate your customer service against your competition?

Why Use Mystery Shopping? Rate Your Customer Service Against Your CompetitionMystery shoppers are not a new thing, but they are a smart way to keep tabs on what is happening in your store when you aren’t there. You know that they look for the following: How is your customer service? How do they treat your customers? Are they friendly and customer-focused? How long does it take them to greet people when they come in? Are they helpful and polite when they do or bored and annoyed? How well do your employees know about the products and services they are selling? Are displays up to date and eye catching? Is the store clean and neat? Are your employees neatly dressed, professional looking or in uniform? Are they following store policy about appearance, cleanliness and so forth?

Here’s the really cool thing: mystery shoppers can also do the same at your competitors and let you know how you stack up. All of the things that the mystery shopper will look for in your store, they can look for in others as well. That is an incredibly important tool to improve how things run in your own business. Knowing that your competitors have better displays means you can improve yours.

Knowing that their employees have more knowledge shows you that you need to increase your staff training. In every area where your own store can be assessed, so can your competitors. Having that information is also a good way to change your own store policies to improve your customer service.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge of your competitors will give you a powerful edge. Use mystery shopping to rate your customer service against your competitors it will help you improve your business and your bottom line.

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