Wireless Retail Training is a Good Investment

by Alec Pleet on June 30, 2011

Wireless retail training is a good investment because a knowledgeable, savvy and customer-focused employee will only help your bottom line.

Wireless Retail Training

Owners and managers of wireless retail stores worry about costs on multiple fronts: buying a new product line, investing in physical assets. When it comes to wireless retail training for employees, management tends to scrimp and do it themselves. In fact, one study by Bersin & Associates said that of all industries, spending per learner was lowest in the retail sector.

The consequences of this lack of training for retail wireless employees can be devastating. Here are some very real costs that a wireless store might incur if wireless retail training gets the budget ax:

Wireless Retail Store Turnover

If employees feel unappreciated or unprepared because they lack training, they may seek out another job opportunity — maybe with your competitor. When employees leave, managers have to spend more money and time placing an ad, reviewing resumes, interviewing and checking references. And then there’s the time needed to bring a new hire up to speed. There may be costs associated with paying out unused vacation or getting hit with higher unemployment insurance rates. And what about the cost of losing customer insight and product knowledge that walks out the door along with an experienced employee?

Bad Customer Impressions

An untrained wireless retail salesperson can easily send your business down the tubes. Whether it’s lack of product knowledge, poor rapport-building skills or inability to close a sale, a salesperson without adequate training can drive away potential customers, and that is not a risk businesses can afford! Remember, it can cost nearly six times as much to replace a customer as it does to retain one. Satisfied customers come back; dissatisfied customers tell their friends!

Loss of Customers

Without proper training, a wireless retail salesperson is likely to miss sales or upgrade opportunities that can cost your business and your salesperson money! Wireless retail training teaches sales associates how to ask qualifying questions to discover a customer’s real needs. It also helps them become alert for opportunities to upsell and to ask for referrals.

Missed Opportunities

Cluttered shelves, a spilled soda or a debris-strewn floor might cause accidents that could cost your business millions in a lawsuit. Wireless retail training makes a sales associate aware of how important a well-kept store can be.

Damaged Reputation

Front-line employees carry your wireless retail store’s reputation in their hands. We’ve all vowed never to return to a store because a salesclerk who didn’t give us the time of day, was snooty or full of techno-babble. A store may have been crammed with disorganized merchandise or played music so loudly you couldn’t ask a question. A customer’s first impression lasts, and a trained salesperson knows this.

For wireless retail owners and managers, finding a daily balance between sales, management and employee issues is a challenge, for sure. But if you’re going to take the time and effort to bring on a new sales associate for your wireless retail store, make that investment pay off. Don’t just give them a shirt, a slap on the back and a hearty “Go get ‘em!”

Wireless retail training is a good investment! You won’t find yourself in the vicious cycle of having to replace untrained workers again and again. When the cost of inaction far exceeds the cost of doing it, you’ve got a pretty darn strong call to action.

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Tara Filson September 1, 2011 at 6:49 pm

Thanks for your article, Alec. Employee churn is a big issue in our industry. As a result of high employee churn, it’s not uncommon for a customer to know more about a given product than a salesperson does. Our new interactive retail platform, XQ, equips stores with technology that allows customers to browse product info on their own. Our early adopters have reported a 0% walkout rate with this new technology. XQ touch screens are also excellent training tools for sales staff.
- Tara Filson, XQ Marketing Manager, iQmetrix


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